Food & Water

Help Yemen this Ramadan

Every single day the quality of life for Yemeni children and their families worsen drastically. 40% of all Yemeni households have lost their primary source of income, making essential items now a luxury. Millions are in URGENT need of your helping hand.

THIS RAMADAN, with your efforts, we want to HELP YEMEN by rewriting their story. We are investing our resources and your generous support into all fronts this Ramadan. Your impactful donation will be used in feeding the fasting families in Yemen

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Drinking Water for a Family per month

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Food Pack for a Family per month

Food & Water for Yemen

Ramadan Food Basket

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Ramadan Food Packs

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Drinking Water

Human life depends on water, but with two-thirds of the population having no access to drinking water, the lives of millions are prone to diseases and dehydration. Donate clean water to a family for one month. It can be the difference between life and death. 

Food Basket

Bring immediate relief to a family suffering from acute malnutrition. These food packs include a combination of powerful vitamins and minerals to help directly treat a malnourished body. 

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