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The Story.

The initiative of Yemeni American
To combat Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is facing an extremely difficult situation because of Coronavirus which has made it difficult for governments, let alone individuals, to combat it.

As the Yemeni American Community, an active and diverse group, is at the heart of this disaster, this initiative has been launched to engage all members of the Yemeni American Community with the aim of bringing them together and help reduce the impact of this pandemic on People in Yemen. By joining forces with four organizations “Pure Hands , ICRC , Yemen Aid , and Generous Hand” while working together with the support of Yemeni American organizations and Yemeni business leaders across the states, we are putting all efforts to combat COVID—19 in various ways.

Here’s how:

1. Providing cash and in-kind assistance to affected families who are not part of the American welfare and insurance system.
2. Making contribution and volunteering in America in all possible ways
3. Supporting families of victims while in a hospital or upon death, God-forbid.
4. Contributing to awareness by supporting efforts during the different phases of this pandemic.
5. Helping people in Yemen.

With your kind donations, this campaign will target and assist Yemeni families and communities in Yemen with necessary items to combat COVID-19 such as but not limited to PPE, hygiene kits, sanitary items, etc.
Thank you for your kind generosity
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