Udhiyah Program – 2019

A total of 38,206 beneficiaries from 5,458 households benefitted from the Eid Sacrifices (Udhiya) project Pure Hands implemented in 2019 (1440 Hijrah). The project was implemented in cooperation with local partners targeted poor and disadvantaged households in 14 Yemeni governorates. Beneficiaries were families that have suffered from the devastating war in Yemen and had to either flee their homes or live in situations where they lack basic human needs.

Udhiya Project in Malaysia

500 Yemeni Families Benefitted from Eid Sacrifices (Udhiya) Project in Malaysia 

Pure Hands distributed meat in Benang, Behang, Kedah, Kelanton, Terengganue, Kuantan and Perak to many effected Yemeni refugee families who had fled their country as a result of the war.

Udhiya Project in Senegal

Pure Hands has implemented Eid Sacrifices (Udhiya) Project in Senegal
A total of 238 households benefited from this project. 
The project, implemented in collaboration with the local Association of People with Special Needs, targeted mostly families whose households’ heads are people with special needs.

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