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Who we are

Pure Hands Waqf is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established to provide sustainable source of fund to development and education programs in Yemen. The main goal of establishing waqf fund is to rescue the devastated education in Yemen. Schools were effected the most by the ongoing war in Yemen and unlike other sectors; education cannot wait and an action had to be made in order to maintain the basic needs of schooling for school-aged children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Why Yemen

The devastating conflict in Yemen, now in its seventh year, has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and led to a dire situation where nearly 80% of the 30 million Yemeni population requires some form of humanitarian assistance.

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School-age children have no access to education.

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Children in Yemen are acutely malnourished and require urgent care.

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People have become internally displaced.

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People are food insecure.

All that you have to know about Pure Hands waqf


Pure Hands Waqf will be a major contributor to educational developments in Yemen by establishing endowment that provides sustainable and growing source of fund.


Establish a collaborative endowment fund initiative through which people from different capacity levels can contribute to the development of Yemen and Yemeni people.


Sustainability, Participatory, Efficiency, Partnership, and Transparency

Pure hands waqf

Not only endowment is making a lasting impact in the life of many needy people, waqf is a legacy of our religion and a practice that has almost disappeared from our lives. We wonder how many times we have drunk from wells we didn’t dug and have sat under the shade of tress we didn’t plant. It’s our turn to pay it forward. Pure Hands waqf fund initiative is a good way to contribute to keeping this legacy alive. With Pure Hands Waqf, you do not have to be rich to contribute to waqf efforts, you can donate in different and easy ways including blessed tree shares for as low as $ 300 a tree, or as low as $ 100 a share of waqf share project.

Waqf Purpose

The purpose of Pure Hands Wagf is to brace the Sunnah of Wagf (Endowment) by establishing endowment investments in farms, real estate properties to support development programs in Yemen. Endowment fund targets projects in education, capacity building, organizational development and community awareness. By establishing Waqf programs, Pure Hands Wagf would not only contribute to raising fund for people who are devastated by the war but also would help raise community awareness and social responsibility toward the people of Yemen.

Our programs


Community Awareness

Capacity Building

Youth Development

Investments & Projects

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Pure Hands Waqf

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